Induction hearing loops
What are they?

Hearing aid loopHearing loops allow people who use hearing aids to pick up sound directly from a microphone or PA via the "T" setting on their hearing aid. This is particularly useful in meeting room environments.

What do they consist of?

There are two basic components. Firstly. the loop itself - a thin wire which runs around the perimeter of the area where the hearing aid listeners will be.

The wire must be run on a level plane in order to generate the required magnetic field and can be under the flooring or above the doors. It doesn't need to go around the whole room, just the area where the people needing to hear usually sit or stand. E.g. it doesn't have to go around the whole of a Church, just the area where the Pews are and perhaps also the Font.

The loop plugs into the second component, a 'loop amplifier'.

Microphones can be plugged directly into the loop amplifier or you can take a feed directly out from your PA system via the PA's aux out socket. This is the best way to get the right balance between people listening directly to the PA and using their hearing aids.Click to fill in our simple enquiry form

When in use, the hearing aids are simply switched to the 'T' setting and the users hear both speech and music with crystal clarity, as though they were wearing headphones plugged in to a Hi Fi system.

Smaller loops are available for office or desk situations, and personal loops are also available for a person to wear around their neck.

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