Knowing what your venue needs a PA system for is the key to choosing the right one

There are a couple of different PA solutions for venues - if you mainly have speech and background music you will probably need a 100 volt line system, with small discreet speakers on the walls or in the ceiling and a centrally-located amplifier to power them. Hotels can benefit from a Matrix system, where each function room has its own music source input, microphone input and volume controls on the wall. Take a look at our Hotels Announcement and Background Music System. Or give us a call and we can put together a bespoke announcement and music system for your venue.

If you have Live music and want to provide a PA system for that then you will be better off with passive PA speakers and a power amplifier. You first need to decide on the range of uses that the PA system will be put to - from comedians, singers and small combos through to larger, loud bands and speciality acts. Click to fill in our simple enquiry formYou'll also need to decide what's reasonable for you to provide as opposed to the acts bringing themselves. The final consideration is whether you should have just an onstage mixer or should you provide a snake so that the mixer can be positioned at the back of the room. Take a look at our Bands packages or call and we can put together a bespoke recommendation for your venue.

You should consider having at least one wireless microphone.

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